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This is a model built by my friend Robert.  We met in Cottonwood and had fun learning about hot air engines together.
This is a 1880 Ericsson owned by Darrell Lipp.
This is a 1881 Ericsson owned by Buster Brown. this engine was used for pumping water at a mine south east of Tucson Arizona 
This is a 1907 Ericsson pump which was used at the Wrigley Mansion in Phoenix Arizona.  This pump was used by the Wrigley family to pump water to the main house.
This is a 6"" Rider Engine designed to pump 1000 gph of water using 4 to 5 pounds of coal.
This is a 10'' Ericsson owned and maintained Russel Dickey Sr.  This engine would pump 1000 gph of water on 5 pounds of coal.
This is a 6" Ericsson owned and maintained by Rob Skinner.  See our links page for more information on this engine.
This is a 5" Ericsson owned by Sam Curry and was designed to pump 150 gph of water on 3 pounds of coal.
This is a 6" Ericsson.
This is a Thomason-Smith which is a very rare engine.  If anyone has any information on this engine please e-mail Buster or Lowell.
This is a German made engine possibly a Ahmburg? 

This engine has no markings but could possibly be a vertical Essex.

This is an experimental Hot Air Engine.  It runs on compressed hot air which not only increases the HP of the engines but also the efficiency.  This model was built by the Symanski father and son team.  For more information on this and more visit our links page.  

If you have any information on any of these engines - Contact Buster or Lowell.

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