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This is a sidekick made from scrap materials in 1995.
This is a reproduction of a 1917 Lake Breeze motor fan originally made in Chicago.
This model was built by Ben Romich. He sells them and trades them at shows such as Cottonwood.
Another view of Ben Romich's model.
Vertical Thermo Syphon Cooling System - Circa 1997
Bremen Style Vertical Engine.  Originally made in Bremen Ohio. Primarily used a large water pumping engines.
This was made from a cast iron casting kit by Joe Hansen out of Florida.  Rider- Ericsson Engine Co.
England made reproduction of a 1915 Kyko Fan. This fan runs at up to 300 rpm.
This is another view of the Kyko engine.
S. A. Motor, Model 1, serial number 74.
This is an original Tibert Engine. It took over 350 hours to design and build from scratch. It was purchased and took an estimated 300+ hours to restore to its original beauty.

This is another view of the Tibert Engine.

This is another view of the Tibert Engine.
This is a Werner Wiggins Reproduction.
This is my first model built and painted in a little over 2 hours.

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