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This is a Flame Licker Toy built in the 1920's in Dayton, Ohio. It was built by Rotor Corps of America with serial number: 4552.
This is a Robinson type engine that was made from scratch. Ed used a steam valve to make the flywheel's handle. This design was made from blueprints.
This engine was bought in Germany and can go up to 2200 rpm. The box it sits on was made by Ed Longhenry, and the engine itself was 24k gold plated.
This engine was made from the plans by Jerry Howell of Colorado Springs Co. This engine was made out of scrap metal.
Ed bought the blueprints for this from Home Shop Machinist Magazine. He also rigged this to operate a Jacob's Ladder to demonstrate it's capabilities. 
This is a REBI Flame Eater circa 1946-1948, part of the Dallas Morris collection out of Enid, Oklahoma.
This is a German made Marklin built in 1920.
This is an Ohio Vacuum Rotor made in 1930 with serial number 4066.
This DOLL engine was German made in 1927 and was used to pump compressed air and H2O.
This is a Bing twin cylinder engine.
This engine was homemade by Dallas Morris and resembles a washing machine.

This is a candle powered putt-putt boat.

This engine was made in Shop Class by Jim Lottel in West Virginia that was sold at Shaws.
This is a 1914 "Plank" German made Stirling Cycle Engine that was sold as a toy.
This is a horizontal Stirling engine used in a Singer Sewing Machine. The flywheel was made from a treadline wheel.

If you have any information on any of these engines - Contact Buster or Lowell.

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