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This is a engine that is unknown. If you have any information on this engine contact Buster or Lowell.
These are Bing engines.
This is a very early and rare Bing engine. This engine was made by the Brothers Bing and dates back to the early 1890's.
This is another Bing engine. Some of these engines came this way and the others had a fan attached.
This is another Bing engine.
This is a early 1905 Krauss and Mohr. This engine was also sold as a toy.
This is another Bing engine.
This is a German made Marklin. It is unique in the fact that the burner to the engine heat transfer goes through pipes. Another unique feature is that the flame is at the top of the engine.
This is another angle of the German made Marklin.
These are the two sizes of the same Marklin engine. 
These are two engines made by Weeden.

This is a Weeden Reproduction made by Russell Snyder.

These are two Kraus Mohr engines.
This is a Krauss Mohr engine built in the 1890's. This is also the earlier version of it.
These are two Bing engines.

If you have any information on any of these engines - Contact Buster or Lowell.

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